Parent Consultation
Our individualized parent training and consultation programs ensure that parents received well-rounded trainings to assist their child to succeed and progress in our programs. BABC emphasizes on the importance of parent participation in the progression of each child's treatment. BABC provides and assists parents to create opportunities and foster a teaching environment that is conducive for learning. Parents learn to understand the nature of each behavior, all while learning how to decrease challenging behaviors.

BABC's Parent Training and Consultation Services Emphasizes on: 

  • ​Equipping parents with essential tools and knowledge to better manage difficult behaviors.
  • ​Using evidence-based strategies to navigate emotional and behavioral hurdles while promoting your child’s development
  • ​Helping parents seize control of their parenting journey to foster stronger and harmonious relationships
  • ​Supporting families by building their skills and confidence to tackle challenges head-on
  • ​Participants will engage in group sessions focused on building essential parenting skills and acquiring valuable training.
  • Providing a supportive environment for parents to share experiences, learn effective strategies, and develop a strong foundation for successful parenting.
  • ​Providing mutual support and may promote treatment adherence
  • ​Effectively reduce disruptive behaviors
  • Increasing parent’s feeling of competence
  • ​Teaching parents skills for promoting development long after the consultant has left the home.