Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

BABC contracts with Santa Clara Family Health Plan through Medi-Cal to provide Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation services for children ages 0-18 years needing developmental and neuro-developmenal screening. BABC provides a comprehensive battery of developmental evaluations to identify and create appropriate intervention services for children with developmental delays.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Bay Area Behavioral Connection offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA operates from learning theory, operant conditioning, and classical conditioning that aims to improve socially important behaviors by using evidence-based interventions that are systematically applied to increase functional and adaptive behaviors. BABC focuses on the application of specific ABA interventions to shape and modify various forms of behaviors that are described as excessive or maladaptive.

Intensive Behavior Modification
Our Intensive Behavior Modification program is focused on decreasing or eliminating maladaptive behaviors that hinder the crucial development of adaptive and functional skills. Our Intensive Behavior Modification program addresses the most difficult behaviors and replaces or modifies these behaviors using techniques from the principal of behavior theory.

Adaptive Skills Training
BABC's Adaptive Skills Training program is designed to assist each child to reach important adaptive milestones. Adaptive Skills Training (AST) is meant for children who need assistance in mastering daily routines. Our AST program focuses on functional living skills, concurrent to problematic behaviors. 

Social Skills Group
Our Social skills Group program is individualized to each group. We focus on healthy and positive interactions among each child with his/her volunteer, typical peers, and one-on-one therapist. The curriculum within each Social skills Group is developed to match the ability of each child. We attempt to promote individualized attention within a social setting so that every child will receive 1:1 attention from his/her Behavior Interventionist and when available, with typical peer support.   

Parent Training & Consultation
Our individualized parent training and consultation programs ensure that parents received well-rounded trainings to assist their child to succeed and progress in our programs. BABC emphasizes on the importance of parent participation in the progression of each child's treatment. BABC provides and assists parents to create opportunities and foster a teaching environment that is conducive for learning. Parents learn to understand the nature of each behavior, all while learning how to decrease challenging behaviors.

Community and Group Home Collaboratives

BABC offers consultation services within schools, communities,  group-homes, and institutional settings to address a wide range of behavioral concerns. BABC offers on-site direct observation, data collection, documentation and program reviews, functional behavior assessment and devise appropriate recommendations for behavior identification, intervention plans and implementation of these support plans. Based on our evaluations and recommendations, our consultation services are based on a goal-oriented direction allowing us to meet the needs of our clients and the institutions we serve. 

Our training programs are completely customized to meet each child’s specific needs and with each training session, parents receive guidance on how certain tasks are performed. Once a task is carried out properly, further reinforcement is used to solidify the learning and help each child increase confidence and independence. Parents will also learn specific intervention techniques from behavior and learning theories to effectively maintain and increase their child's newly acquired skills. In addition, parents also learn how to manage their own apprehensions and anxieties so they can work with their child. The parent training portion of each of  our programs teaches parenting skills by providing intensive one-to-one parent training.

Programs & Services